Electronic Security

Plug into electronic protection

Card access systems, alarm systems, cameras and video surveillance can help protect businesses, owners and employees. Dominion Lock & Security carries a wide range of products in-house, and we are happy to design a system tailored to fit your needs.

Card Access Systems

Create different levels of access, track who goes in and out of certain areas, mark frequency of entries and exits with an electronic card access system. You can also choose to have it all controlled via computer with a networked system.


When you are running a business, video surveillance is key. From detecting a burglar to identifying a vandal, cameras placed around your business can keep your building safe. You can also use surveillance for other reasons such as verifying workman’s comp claims, investigating employee claims of wrongdoing and to monitor secure areas.

Dominion Lock & Security offers:

  • Indoor and outdoor cameras
  • Remote surveillance options
  • IP-based security monitors
  • Fixed dome, pan, tilt and zoom cameras

Let us customize a video security package for you.